Our Team

Our diverse team consists of over 14 different nationalities. We each have our own expertise as performance consultants in communication, cross cultural understanding, leadership and entrepreneurship.


Teppei Ikeda


Teppei has extensive knowledge in developing various leaders in the Asia region. So far he has trained over 47 different nationalities all over the world. He has trained more than 10,000 leaders in medical, pharmaceutical, IT and financial industries. He and his team members are focusing on developing leaders in cross-cultural environments. He started his career as a money broker and built his career in finance as a trader for over 11 years. He founded an IT start-up but changed his career path to become CEO of Philosophia Japan and a facilitator and business trainer.


Paul Malone

コミュニケーション能力研修 Head Executive Trainer

Paul is the leader of our communication development programs. He has trained and taught English in the U.S, Japan and Peru. He has more than 20 years experience in Japan and his observations and tips for Japanese leaders have became a treasure for previous participants. His original methodologies and sincere approach towards student’s growth has increased the team communication skills in various Fortune 500 companies. He is also coaching various public speakers and executives who have to convey strong messages to their teams.


Mitsutaka Nonoyama

Chief Operating Officer

Mitsutaka has extensive experience in the retail industry. He is well known as a coach that can improve team performance by using Philosophia's original coaching methodologies. He believes that one small step can lead to unknown and wonderful growth. He is responsible for all operations in regards to implementing the trainings, workshops, seminars, luncheon seminars, creating job aides and coaching. His training expertise lies in mind-set change, leadership development and communication with various companies and clients.


Heidi Emoto

Executive Trainer

Originally from the US, Heidi has been teaching English and Sign Language for many years. She has experience teaching and training with various executives to help improve their communication skills.


Laura Marushima

Executive Assistant and Chief Administrator

Originally from Australia, Laura has extensive knowledge in administration and coordination among the clients and trainers. Her skills contribute to a smooth implementation of different trainings and she aids in the creating effective and elegant materials and documents.


Ted Agatsuma

Senior Trainer

Ted has served as the executive Exxon Mobil for over 30 years in various roles including sales, distribution, HR and emerging leader development. His experience managing teams of multinationals can help lots of participants to understand the workings of a cross-cultural environment. In the last two years he has focused on language development and resilience programs.


Rui Wu

Trainer/Assistant Trainer Recruiter

Rui, originally from China and as a Polyglot speaker (Chinese, English and Japanese), contributes to the various communication improvement programs and projects. Her personal experience in cross cultural business environments and linguistic background has helped a lot of business people who works with foreign nationals in Japan.


Takako Shibata

Executive Trainer

Takako is a licensed career consultant to help and support the career planning for the various companies. She has been worked all over Japan in 8 cities at 20 different companies. Her knowledge of career planning and experience has helped many leaders and mid-hired leaders in big organizations. Her extensive knowledge of the industry and development skills have lead to the development of training programs and materials.


Tomoko Uji

Chief Design Officer

Tomoko has extensive knowledge in creating the images for our products including CI, logo design and material designs. She is an expert in design management. She has been the judge at prominent design awards in Japan. Her approach to design and out of the box creative thinking has lead to various clients increasing their revenue and expanding their businesses.

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