Case Studies

We are supporting and helping so many clients in Japan and overseas. In this section we are sharing some typical cases of when the trainings, performance consulting and coaching are needed.

上級者の英語レベルアップのためのプログラム Stage Up English



Especially in global business, you may encounter unspoken norms, rules and difficult customers. Prior to jumping into a difficult situation, being prepared for the situation can be, and should be, the best option.

Our proprietary approach


Philosophia Japan has active relationships with partners, consultants and participants all over the world.


Case 1

HQ in U.S wants to implement the same training and activities in Asia including Japan that they use in the U.S. But the available materials are only in English.

Case 2

The client wants to convey the mission and vision to the staff in other countries. But right now we don’t have any professionals who can convey the message clearly to others.

Case 3

The client is wanting to launch new products into the market The team has many mid-hired employees that don’t want to share their knowledge and know-how. The client wants to create a better team environment improve communication and better coaching culture.

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