Our Principles

Our main goal is bringing tangible results to our clients. In the last 18 years, as Philosophia Hare (Hare is Sanskrit to mean helping people from suffering) consultants, we have been willing to take on several roles to achieve the client’s mission, vision and goals.

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The essential roles we have undertaken are analyst, selector-designer-developer-implementer, project manager, facilitator, and monitor. We believe every one on this planet can reach their potential by the various proven methodologies including coaching, business skills development, consultation, bench-marking and specific goal setting.

We are not acting as order fillers. When the clients ask us to take on implementation, we are focusing on improving their performance. We are supporting not only with preparing the materials and coordinating the training but also with other activities.


Why is Philosphia Japan different to other training companies and performance consultants? Because we go above and beyond.

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