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In order to penetrate the corporate strategy and the perspectives of the management team, we show the right goal (What) and appropriate methods toward reaching there (How), and why we do it (Why). These straight-forward approaches can be a variety of learning solutions and interventions.

These services include consultation, developing the training materials and job-aides, designing OJT, designing exercises, assessments, local customization and multi-region implementation. We have a team of 14 different nationalities to accomplish those services. In the last 15 years, our services have been the first choice when launching critical projects.

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Philosophia Performance Improvement Process (PPIPs)

At Philosophia, we believe that the most important tool in learning is to follow our PPIPs (Philosophia Performance Improvement Process).

Acknowledge: Acknowledge the current capability and the gap between present and ideal situation

Build: Build confidence, use proven methods and tools to accelerate the learning and ability to improve performance.

Create: Create a good learning environment and practice the learning in real situations.

Deliver: Deliver tangible results and acknowledge the next steps.

Solving problems and issues on-site (Hands on approach)

We create case studies and exercises for the participants and clients to study the real problems deeper. By bringing your daily issues to the classroom, we can help you can create better or new solutions and perspectives through discussion and other activities with other leaders from other departments. We believe each one of us has a different learning style therefore we create individual exercises, pair exercises, group discussion, case studies, role play, simulation activities and games. We customize the learning from our original learning games and exercises. We are not focusing on the ideal plans, our first step would be facing the reality and providing the assessment to check the client’s capability in the industries. If the workshops and coaching are not enough to transform the client’s capability, we advise on organizational change and development with an appraisal system.

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Providing Value

We commit to bringing the results to the clients. We are saying “NO” to implementing the off-the shelf training and activities. We believe that trainings and performance improving interventions can create the prosperous and better future for the clients. Providing value to the client requires us to be good listeners, analyzers and consultants. The value could be improving the productivity, increasing the revenue, improving communication, leading the team effectively or any other goal. Our consultative approach to the client can bring the better result to your organization.

Providing Value

Stage Up English - improve business English

Service 1 (Facilitation and running training)

If you want to have intangible results, improving the performance of key members could be critical. Professional trainers provide the training and coaching sessions.

Service 2 (Local implementation)

When you implement training worldwide, you have to consider the culture differences of the teams. Without customization, training will not be valid and could also demotivate the team members.

Service 3 (Achieve the goal by performance)

First we analyze the current situation, then we provide the appropriate approach to improve your teams performance. These solutions include training, coaching and organizational development.

Service 4 (Training inventory check)

You may be implementing the training that is not valid for improving your company performance. It is better to do check the current training plan by conducting an inventory check.

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